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XMR-BTC Atomic Swap ASB Guide

A tutorial made for myself, not really others because the docs aren’t straight forward!

  1. Download ASB and Swap zips

  2. Extract to C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\Monero or ~/Documents/Monero

  3. Run the monero-rpc-wallet (pre-req: add monero install location to PATH)

    • Find stagenet node
    • Use port 28088 if mainnet/production
    • Security risk: rpc-login is disabled
    • wallet-dir: directory of an existing wallet (match to stagenet or mainnet)
    C:\Users\maste\Documents\Monero>monero-wallet-rpc --stagenet --daemon-host --rpc-bind-port 38083 --disable-rpc-login --wallet-dir wallets/stagenet_one
  4. Make sure this guide is readable with your terminal open

  5. Run asb --testnet start in a new terminal window and press enter for everything. Do not use Ctrl or Alt.

  6. A wallet will be created in 10 seconds

  7. If you close the ASB and want to start it again, restart the RPC to avoid a “wallet already exists error” from the ASB