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Windows 10 Favorite Cursors

If you don’t know how to install cursors, you may watch the tutorial I made below:

My Windows 10 customization is something I do not really talk about, mostly because it’s akin to the sauce(s) you choose with your side rather than the main course itself. I was into cursors a long time ago, but I forgot about them when I built my own PC and got a new laptop.

The other day though, I had just installed Manjaro (KDE) onto a USB - tutorial coming soon? - so I decided to boot into it on my laptop and the first design I noticed is how nice the cursor is. Suffice to say, a week later I realized just how ugly Windows 10 cursors are, even though I was already using the dark ones, which by the way does not affect the link pointer.

Below are the cursor packs I have installed from best to worst since I loathe those bottom-top lists. Note that you will need a Deviant Art account to download these themes since I want to give credit to the original artists. This list is small, which I’d argue is a good thing, but I will make sure to update it if I ever decide to install more themes.

1. Breeze Hacked

Breeze Hacked

Download from deviantart

This theme builds upon the KDE Breeze themes and is for those who are like me and have a specific niche. In this case it’s “hackish,” that needs to be fulfilled. It does remind me of those First Civilization particles in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, if you have ever played that game.

2. Evolution OS

Evolution OS

Download from deviantart

This is a Mac OS inspired theme. It is an immediate improvement over the Windows cursors and would fit any users who uses Mac OS a lot.

3. Window Better Black

Window Better Black

Download from deviantart

This cursor pack fine tunes the original Windows black cursor theme. The primary reason you’d want to use this, is to replace the white cursors without dramatically changing your cursor scheme.