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Stop Using Discord for Support Forums

As I sit here to type, I’m in 11 different Discord developer library servers. In each of these servers are non Search Engine Indexable support threads. Meaning that I as a developer, when I encounter a problem or a bug or need to do something, I get 0 results on Google and have to join a Discord server, waste my time agreeing to the rules I didn’t read, and then try searching for a the problem, but since Discord’s search is not even close to a search engine like Google, it is slow and I end up having to start a new thread. Then of course, each discord community has locking features. So instead of keeping discussions on the same thread, I have to start a new one and reference the old one. Thanks Stripe.

I will start asking questions on Stackoverflow from now on because at this point, if the SEO does not exist, I will create the SEO for others. I’ve never asked a Stackoverflow question for a problem I didn’t solve myself, but from now on I will ask and answer my own questions.