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Stop Paying for 1Password

So I applied for an internship position at 1Password which had Bonus points for

Frontend web development experience with Javascript frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue.js Experience with TypeScript. Experience with Rust

This aligned with my work using Tauri. I thought being the first to make videos on Tauri would be commendable so I mentioned that in the additional details section of my application. Nope, still got a generic rejection email. I didn’t realize many university students were well acquainted with Rust and React.js, but clearly it much more than 10.

I was willing to have an open mind regarding 1Password before, but I doubt I’ll be working there, I will put on a salty performance and mention the reasons why 1Password is a waste of money.

Introducing KeepassXC

KeepassXC can hold your passwords, notes, and attachments encrypted in a file. You can use it manually or some websites, or you can even install the KeepassXC browser extension to auto-fill. The app can start in the system tray on computer startup, and you can unlock the database the first time you need to use a password from the database. I’m sure you can even set a timeout so that your database won’t be unlocked if you accidentally forget to leave your computer sitting unlocked.

How to use on Mobile and Desktop?

You may ask, but if the password database is on my desktop, won’t I need to transfer it every time? Yes if you want to bypass the cloud, but you can use cloud storage to keep the database in sync with your phone. And on your phone, in the cloud app, set the file’s availability to “always” and in the KeepassXC app, open the file directly from the cloud rather than downloading the database to your phone’s file system manually.

FREE (as in Beer)

The basis of this article is that KeePassXC is free and does not have a profit interest in mind. 1Password is a corporation that can disappear at a moment’s notice, increase the price suddenly, or lock your account because your phone died and now your 2FA is missing. By the way, the best MFA app is called 2FAS Auth.

FREE (as in freedom)

The other good part, is the KeePass and KeePassXC are open-source projects that are built and maintained by a developer community. Open-source projects are not always great in terms of usability and experience, but KeePassXC is a great example of open-source developers caring about end user experience, probably because it is a consumer facing product and not a developer facing library.


In combination with KeePassXC, browser password saving is incredible too, as long as you remember to lock your computer when you are not using it (passwords are accessible only when you are logged into the computer).


In conclusion, there’s no need to pay 1Password for password management. Yes, 1Password is raising the bar when it comes to employee treatment, but there’s absolutely no reason to be in the business of password management. The market for password managers is already diluted with Lastpass and Dashlane to make matters worse. 1Password has a lot of cash to keep itself floated, but I am of the opinion that 1Password will be no different than Dropbox. Early to market but the tiniest product moat.