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Mark Zuckerberg and the Metaverse Are Moral Failures

Imagine being the CEO of a corporation with billions of dollars of which you are also the majority shareholder. Not only do you control billions of dollars personally but you control a corporation with billions of dollars in cash in the bank.

Your company makes money based on the amount of time people spend on your products because the more time spent on the platforms you provide results in more time spent looking at the ads that pay your platforms to be shown to your users.

Now you decide that users shouldn’t just be able to spend some of their time on these apps but should be able to ’live’ within a virtual world with virtual products at their finger tips. Instead of physically doing activities you believe it is more ideal to virtually do them in one spot with worse graphics than video games and without any physical sensation.

You admit and know that this venture will cost the company billions of dollars over the next 5 years and decide that this is the best use of money for not just the corporation but humanity itself.

This is a colossal moral failure. There are people going hungry every day even though there is more than enough food being produced (citation required). There are countless cases of STI’s spread in Africa and yet more than enough money to provide sexual education. The local food supply of these countries cannot keep up with the local population growth. Instead of investing in humanity, META, lead by Mark Zuckerberg is insistent on investing and subsidizing the Metaverse; virtual reality headsets, programs and fictional places hosted by servers.

Instead of building the next wonder of the world or producing real wealth, mark Zuckerberg has decided to waste and dump wealth and direct it towards projects that don’t even relate or help the average person in this world. If you’re going to admit to spending billions of dollars into a loss maker, at least think to yourself if that’s the best use of money for the world.

It is extremely disappointing that we have a history reminding us of the moral failures of the past and we choose to falsely believe that the present is morally righteous without faults.

It’s a lie and the humans of the future - if any exist - will look at the peak of the world economy and take note at how the most powerful people in this world failed to help the very humans who gave them power and how morality becomes optional as one acquires more power.

One was never moral to begin with if the acquisition of power leads to immorality.

I was inspired to write this after coming across Mark Zuckerberg unveils new Metaverse product despite claims VR world is ‘dead’ with one platform only having 38 users which linked to RIP Metaverse - An obituary for the latest fad to join the tech graveyard