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iOS Versus Android

There’s only a couple reasons to get an iPhone.

  1. Videography.
  2. Seamless integration with your MacBook
    • Microsoft’s Phone Link integrates phones with Windows 10 & 11
  3. iMessage
    • Even then, iMessage is iPhone only, and Whatsapp is end-to-end encrypted as well and does not scan your images. I don’t recommend Signal because it is buggy, causes familial conflicts with non-tech members, and it removed SMS integration so it became another Whatsapp. Whatsapp works fine for criminals, is it really ins (Google is pretty slow at software cycles, but at least whatsapp is here).
  4. Max performance, although it’s irrelevant since a phone can’t replace a laptop/desktop. And even then, I read that macbook pro users were getting poor battery life when programming, so you’d be paying more for less. All other reasons are outdated; Android had a late start plus Google & Snapdragon didn’t prioritize the right features properly. I’d say android caught up with Apple software wise after Nougat came out (2017), overtook Iphone’s aesthetics in 2019 (apple went with face ID, while android went with fingerprint in display and smaller notch), and since last year overtook iPhone in pictures (pixel 7). I can commend Apple on being innovative and speedy, but they don’t have a long-term vision since they aren’t idealists but rather elitists. Even Google is elitist, but open-source ensures that their biases can be corrected.

At the end of the day, the MacBook vs Windows debate falls on the shoulder of AMD’s silicon. If AMD can push out a chip with as much power as Apple Silicon with the same power efficiency, the tide will turn faster.