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How to Install Ruby on MacOS

This is how you install Ruby on MacOS and you don’t have to reopen the terminal.

brew install ruby-install chruby
ruby-install -V
echo "# enable chruby" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "source /usr/local/share/chruby/" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "source /usr/local/share/chruby/" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "chruby ruby-3.3.0" >> ~/.zshrc
. ~/.zshrc
ruby-install ruby

Can you believe you have to read this blog post to install ruby? Neither can I. I had to install ruby myself because of some bug in cocoapods 0.15.0 that prevented me from building my react-native application for iOS and when I used sudo gem install cocoapods -v 1.14.3 it complained about my ruby version! All the other tutorials are written by LOW IQ individuals and wasted more time than it took to write this blog post.