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Good Food

This is a list of good food I would not mind eating again. If a restaurant is not here, either I didn’t like the food and didn’t have a good experience or I’ve never been. Comment if you’d like a food review. I have extremely niche needs when it comes to food.


My breakfast on days I feel like cooking is two scrambled eggs, two hashbrowns, and bacon bits. I find bacon bits easier to enjoy since the egg, hashbrowns, and bacon are in equal proportions for every bite you take. I consider this breakfast heavy meaning that I don’t have to eat lunch.

Fast Food

Right Wingers

For now I really liked the Shawarma Specialty Pizza.

The wings also provide good value but I found the sauces lacking.


Hot dog, no sauce + soda. This is such a value meal, you could get two hot dogs if you want to have this for dinner or lunch. One is nothing but a snack.


I went to Harvey’s twice in the last month and enjoyed the Chicken Bacon Ranch poutine (regular). Optionally get a drink. Total cost is $10.17 including tax and drink. If you bring your own drink, you can reduce your expense.

Dairy Queen (DQ)

An underrated franchise. The 4pc chicken strip basket (comes with fries and as side sauce) is pretty good and doesn’t feel oily like burgers and other fries do.


I don’t like the fries at Wendy’s however their bacon deluxe burger is the perfect burger. So I recommend the bacon deluxe, bring your own drink, and if you are a big man, get the son of a baconator or a jr. bacon cheeseburger. I’m going to get the breakfast baconator tomorrow to see if its a good eat-out breakfast.

Pita Halal

The quality has diminished, however their beef/chicken shawrma poutine used to be good. I recommend eating there instead of takeout as the food taste & quality varies strongly with time. Fries can get soggy extremely quickly. I don’t like their wraps that much.

Zesty Pita

I was craving beef on rice instead of fries and this place delivered. I feel that rice may be healthier than fries so will try eating these mixes with a rice base instead of a fries base. The food here was more expensive than Pita Halal but I liked it either way. The beef tasted slightly like mutton.

Burger King

Before, I used to always get their features like the roadhouse king or the bacon king. I was naive in thinking more is better, as the whopper is definitely the best thing they have to offer. Their chicken sandwich comes in second, although some places put less mayo than others. Therefore, I recommend the whopper, but if they ever put less mayo in it, I think you should tell them to put more mayo next time you’re there. This is a problem with Mcdoanlds as well.

Dine-in or Take Out Restaurants

Chawla’s Cuisine

Brampton, Ontario

Best food I’ve had in my life.

My family recently had a get together at our house and we ordered food from this place. Appetizers were gobi 65, tandoori chicken. Dinner was butter chicken and a vegetarian dish (possibly vegetarian kofta).

  • Chicken tikka masala
  • Butter chicken
  • Szhezuan chow mein

The tandoori chicken actually tasted the same as it does in India which was incredible.

Cheers Restaurant

Welland, Ontario

Best fish and chips. The first time they had perch and it was made extremely well. The second time, even though they didn’t have perch, the food was still delicious.

Piper Arms Pub

Waterloo, Ontario

The best restaurant I’ve ever eaten at. Your $20-40 is well spent at this place. You really get what you pay for. I suggest getting 7-up as the drink as its topless. I think they have diet pepsi, but I rarely drink 7-up in general.

For lunch, I’ve eaten the Fish & Chips as well as the burger. I don’t recommend the burger as it’s equivalent to two meals. The patty is just too big for me and I got acne the next day. If you’re a big guy, then by all means, you will also enjoy it without the acne. The fish and chips did cause me to go to the washroom half an hour later, however that could’ve just been pure coincidence.

For dinner, my first time there, I got the half rack of ribs and half pound of wings. It came with fries too. This dinner was delicious, I was surprised I was able to finish most of it. I think it was only two wings and some fries that I could’nt finish which is understandable since I wasn’t hungry when I went there. I got the Caesar garlic parmesean for the wings seasoning/sauce which is rare in the market (only Sultan’s in Burlington offered something like that).

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria

Waterloo, Ontario

I went here with a friend and their pasta with the meatballs did not dissapoint me. I had water for the drink. The seating was awkward thought, we were at a table in the middle of the restaurant a meter or two away from the entrance to their outdoor dining. This is just a me thing, as I don’t like people sitting towards my back. This is a place I’d take a girl out for dinner or a come with a friend, not a place I’d go alone. It’s more classic and simple than the Piper Arms Place, although I’d want to try their pizza out next time. So I guess, it’s not a first date location after all.

Beertown Public House

  • BT Brisket
    • Big portioning
    • If you leave the fat for last, don’t eat it
  • Raspberry Sorbet
    • For $6 + tax, you get a dessert than you can savour and that won’t leave you feeling sick the way ice cream does.