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Energy Drink Reviews

What ratings mean. Anything above 5 means I would rather drink it than drink nothing. Anything under 6 means I’d rather drink water. Anything at 0 is a no go even if thirsty. I’ve sorted the drinks based on which I believe tastes the best. When this page is longer, I suggest using the find on page feature of your browser if you are looking for a specific review.

Reign Energy White Gummy Bear (9 / 10)

I believe this is better than the Razzle Berry flavour, but I will have to taste again. There isn’t exactly any bad points I can think of. This does have a slight taste like a gummy bear and it’s not overpowering.

Reign Energy Razzle Berry (8 / 10)

The first energy drink that had a good taste that persuaded me to buy another one. This is great and it’s only downfall is this slight after taste that lingers. I forget exactly what that “bad” taste is, but I’ll update this article the next time I drink it. Rated 8 / 10 because I’m saving the perfect score until I’ve tasted and reviewed at least 10 energy drinks.

Monster Camo (8 / 10)

This did not taste bad so I am putting it up here.

Monster White (8 / 10)

This did not taste bad so I am putting it up here.

Reign Energy Rainbow Sorbet (8 / 10)

It does have a sorbet taste, but not sure if it’s better or worse than the Razzle Berry. It’s definitely better than the Orange Dreamsickle.

Reign Energy Orange Dreamsicle (5 / 10)

I will admit that I am a prejudice person when it comes to goods and services, however I am open minded because without having an open-mind, you can never push your own definition of perfection. I was biased against the Reign Energy Orange Dreamsicle because why would I want to taste Orange when I have orange juice? I said why not because what if it would be better than Orange juice. I was wrong, it smells and tastes like medicine. Never buying again.