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Canada is Worse because of Justin Trudeau

These days, chronically online Canadians are absolutely wild. They complain about bills that they didn’t even read.

Why Trudeau was Elected

Canadian governments were not squeaky clean. All the research I do point that both Liberals and Conservatives were not clean so obviously it was time for Harper to go.


Justin Trudeau is very inauthentic when he speaks. It is always speaking down and never speaking at the same level as us. Want proof? In a town hall, a woman who asked a genuine question about mental health services for English speakers got an answer in French…The rationale was because they were in Quebec and most people were French speakers. A town hall is a chance for citizens to get answers to their number one question for the prime minister.

January 18th, 2017

All questions were answered in French

SNC-Lavalin Affair

The Liberal government was broadsided by allegations that officials in the Prime Minister’s Office, after repeated lobbying by SNC-Lavalin, tried to convince former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to strike a mediation deal instead of pursuing fraud and corruption charges against the Quebec-based engineering giant

This is corporate cronyism from a party and its supporters who claim that the Conservatives do the bidding of Canadian corporations. Fun fact, telecom executives hated Steven Harper since he wanted to bring in Verizon from the US to compete with Canadian telecommunication companies. Harper lost votes for not following in line with the Canadian telecommunication companies.

Premier Smith of Alberta did a similar thing by the way recently regarding a case where the defendant was blockading the border and being mischievous in general. Ethical commissioner deemed in incorrect.

Indigenous Issues

These mass graves were not actually mass graves yet the federal government created a whole federal holiday from it; reactionary virtue. It solved zero indigenous problems. There’s land disputes right now in BC where indigenous people are losing land they claim is theres to a pipeline company. If the federal government wants to claim it’s actually doing good for the indigenous people, then focus on issuing a statement so that there will be peace in that region instead of one side claiming that they are right and the other side which the court sides with.


COVID-19 is when Trudeau could not be redeemed. First of all, there were so many restrictions. Doug Ford is not conservative either, and I’m glad I never voted for him. He is no different than the federal Liberals. So what are the problems with COVID-19?

  1. CERB: the government mandated lockdowns and then gave everyone free money. Of course this caused inflation
  2. Government Overreach: Border Entry Restrictions
    • Imagine forcing Canadians to get tested just to re-enter the country. Otherwise pay $6,000 to enter the country. Oh and then there’s random testing requirements as well. The only reason my family got through the border was because all of us were forced to get tested…Let’s see here Canada, allow people who tested positive for COVID-19 in and make them mandatory, but if someone doesn’t have a test, assume they have something worse than being COVID-positive. It’s ridiculous. The policy should’ve been: get tested negative to not have to quarantine, or else you are assumed to have covid and then you should quarantine. We had to do the COVID testing on a live video call. It was a waste of resources and front-line workers’ time.

WE Charity Scandal

awarding of a federal contract to WE Charity to administer the $912 million Canada Student Service Grant program (CSSG)

You read that right. The federal government allows citizens to deduct charity donations yet gives money to charities that pay the family members of the prime minister. Absolutely digesting. During COVID, the government should be taking over investment that the private industry would not be doing. We could’ve had such a big jump on the housing shortage, but nope, almost a billion dollars was apparently available for the Canada Student Service Grant program (CSSG) during one of the worst budget deficits ($327.7B) in this country’s history.

And you know what the program was for? Paying volunteers. That’s right, instead of sustainable jobs being created during a time of high unemployment, it’s better to just pay people to volunteer (service-based).

participants will only be able to count hours accumulated from June 25 to October 31, 2020. Having students conduct WE Charity work at a reduced wage in the form of volunteerism which was previously conducted by paid employees

This was a horrible program as you had to register by August 21, but could only count for a selected few months anyways.

The prime minister said that only WE Charity could administer this program, but…

Other organizations, such as the Public Service Alliance of Canada and YMCA Canada, expressed skepticism at the claim that WE Charity was the only organization in Canada capable of administering the contract.


$60M for a goddamn app that didn’t let me into the country and enjoy my full rights anyways? And the system we have now is extremely simple. My family came back from the Dominican Republic and they have these pillar system that take pictures of you and the entire system is a physical slip of paper with just your name on it. The pillar took a picture of my dad twice and the agents just let us through.

So $60 million dollars was spent on an app that reduced efficiency and isn’t even used for entering the country today.

Where is the accountability. The firm, GC Strategies has gotten a quarter of a billion dollars since Liberals came into power. The company would keep 15-30% as a commission to subcontract the awards it would get. How is a system so bad that a contractor can take a higher commission than what Apple and Google take at the mobile stores.

Housing (and Immigration)

Last but not least, housing and immigration.

  1. Housing to income ratios are the highest they’ve been. Canada with a population of 40 million has an index 148.16, followed by Germany at 140.6, where most people rent and the population is 83.2 million. We have more land!
  2. Record international students that were not vetted and were sold a lie. The company funneling this, ApplyBoard, unfortunately has University of Waterloo founders.
  3. Immigration itself is out of control. Canada needs 200,000 per year to make up for the low birth rate, but what Canada does not need is a skewed gender ratio and neither does it need 471,550 immigrants excluding students. The net migration was over a million people (add non-permanent residents)…
  4. Housing shortage in Canada is due to NIMBYism. NIMBYs want to prevent urban sprawl but at the same time do not want houses to be denser. This, combined with a growing population causes a housing shortage. The solutions are simple, reduce immigration, reduce inflation (and thus interest rates), create new cities, allow both urban sprawl and density (both solutions are better than one), and lastly, increase the efficiency of the LTBs so that more people are open to land lording and not just corporations.

Luxury Tax

Apparently, paying a percentage in taxes on items your purchase is not enough. With HST of 13%, a $100 item has a tax of $13, and a $100,000 item has a tax of $13,000. But that isn’t enough for the government. Not only is it not enough, the good being purchased can affect the rate too.

So if rich people want to bid up the price of investment properties past a million dollars, that’s fine. Only above $3,000,000 is it a problem. But if you, a middle class, person, purchase a modest home, save money your entire life want to purchase a corvette while your going through your midlife crisis, nope please pay an extra 20% on the amount over 100,000.

For boats, it’s above $250,000! This is insane. So I get punished for having just a car, but the person who splurges on both cars and a boat, gets away with it. This is ridiculous, and this tax is too.

Why tax vehicles but not Richard Milles or other luxury watches? Why not all jewellery? Or cottages? Or art?

We wonder why real GDP per capita is rarely growing, and it’s because the government thinks that the economy can improve even when taxes are known to reduce demand.

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