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New Brunswick Entertainment Zone

One of my visions is to develop an entertainment zone in one of cheapest areas of Canada which isn’t covered in snow for a lot of time. It should be affordable by people making the median household income. So at least 50% of Canadians should be able to afford a stay.

Possible Locations


The goal of the zone is to provide at least a weeks worth of activities and not for walking around.


  • helicopter
  • speed boats
  • jet skis
  • tube on a boat


  • lane swimming
  • rope/jungle course
  • water slide
  • beach
  • beach volleyball
  • tennis courts
  • basketball courts
  • fishing
  • race track
  • zip-lining


  • swimming pool
  • jacuzzi
  • lounge to work on anything (single and groups)
  • coffee shops
  • breakfast restaurant (my favourite meal)
    • scrambled eggs with bacon and hash-browns
    • an exquisite smoothie equal or better tasting than blueberries + bananas
    • waffles
    • pancakes
  • foot massage
  • children’s McDonald’s park and ball-pit


  • community center for hosting events
  • public gender guided bathrooms with two private showers for each
  • camping grounds

Adult Only (19+)

  • body massage
  • guess we also need a bar for the alcoholics
  • one club with dance music not limited to what’s trending
  • brothel off the island
  • shopping mall
  • gun shooting range
  • hunting on mainland


  • train for getting to the location
  • light rail for intra-transportation
  • landing strip for planes


There should be enough people that lines are either very short or for every long line there is an open activity

  • automate as much as possible
  • public bathrooms similar to Fort Lauderdale Airport washrooms but with showers and self cleaning and supplies