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Best Cell Phone Carriers Canada

So I got a look at the boxing day deals and all the 4 carriers had $34 for 50GB of data per month. I thought I had a good deal at $39 for 25GB per month! I even fought on the phone with Koodo about it during the summer since they were offering 20GB for $39 at the time and I was paying $40 for 6GB. I had switched to Koodo from Fredumb Mobile either in 2022 or something.

So here is my list of the best cell phone carriers.

For Individuals

1. Public Mobile

During the boxing week sale, I looked at all alternatives and only Public Mobile had a functional and snappy website that let me purchase the plan online. Not only that, but Public Mobile had cheaper boxing day deals for different data. During boxing week they had a $24 for 4G 4GB plan, a $29 for 4G 30GB, and a $34 for 5G 50GB plan which all the other carriers in this list were offering. I am also thankful for Public Mobile offering a eSIM check tool although I’m not sure it works effectively since it reported that the IMEI of my Pixel 7, a phone known to support eSIM, does not support it. So I got a free physical SIM card instead which is great nonetheless.

Public Mobile is owned by Telus.

2. Freedom Mobile

Previously known as Wind mobile, they used to be the go to carrier for affordable plans, but the reality is that they can turn into the other carriers in just a couple years. I’m only putting them at the second spot because they have decided to offer a $29/month $20GB boxing day deal without any upfront fees which is a plus from before. 30GB is better than 20GB but who knows what the plans will be in the future.

I will admit I ordered from Public Mobile before looking at the cheaper Freedom plans because I had a low opinion of them.

Subsidiary of Quebecor after Rogers acquired Shaw.

3. Virgin Plus

Virgin Plus was offering a $34/month 50GB plan that would come with 5G but their checkout wasn’t working. If their checkout was working, I would’ve gone with them since I did even have the public mobile website open. The only reason Virgin Mobile comes second is because they have agents that you can talk to very easily unlike Fido and Koodo.

Subsidiary of Bell.

4. Koodo

Although I was switching away from Koodo, Koodo’s own boxing day deal was also $34/month 50GB and unlike Fido I knew you would get 5G. It’s just unfortunate that Koodo did not call me back like they did in the summer otherwise if they upgraded my plan for FREE I wouldn’t have even written this blog post. I can also vouch that Koodo’s online checkout works.

Koodo is owned by Telus, so that’s hilarious.

5. Fido

Fido was also offering the $34/month 50GB boxing day deal however Fido’s website is a joke. It doesn’t work, and when it does, it just breaks again. I was unable to click continue to checkout after entering my card details in, so I ended up on Virgin Mobile’s page and we all know how that went. I also found out that Fido’s plan might not even include 5G servicing.

Subsidiary of Rogers

Rogers / Telus / Bell


For Families

I pay for my phone phone plan, so this doesn’t count