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The PPC Has a Terrible Housing Platform

The PPC platform on housing is terrible! The PPC’s housing platform is so bad that even if immigration is reduced to 0, their other policies would result in less houses being built:

Modify the Bank of Canada’s inflation target, from 2% to 0%. This will cool down inflation in all sectors, including housing.

One of the strategies the Bank of Canada uses to reduce inflation, is by raising interest rates; the cost of borrowing is higher for both buyers and businesses. They don’t have a clue that cooling the housing market isn’t because housing becomes more affordable, but because higher interest rates reduce demand for housing at every price level and worse it also reduces supply at all levels. An inflation target of 0% could be good, but a housing shortage is not a good time to enact such a policy.

Respect local and provincial governments’ responsibility for housing policies. They must be accountable to their citizens and not be subject to federal pressure to “densify” neighbourhoods of single-family homes in order to accommodate mass immigration policies.

They completely disregard that SFH’s are actually Two-Family Houses in Brampton, Ontario. They think densification is a pressure by the feds as if green belt isn’t the reason we need to densify. Like seriously, it doesn’t matter if you only allow SFH’s, when basements get rented out. Do they want people to live in basements or do they want people to actually own their own unit?

Privatize or dismantle the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a mammoth government agency that fuels the housing crisis instead of helping to cool it down. All it has ever done is encourage Canadians to buy houses they can’t afford, and accumulate massive amounts of debt that the federal government, and ultimately Canadian taxpayers, will be responsible for.

Again, this platform is all about keeping housing out of reach. The platform completely disregards that there is a housing shortage, not a future demand issues. Without CMHC, people that put a lower downpayment have to pay higher interest rates since they won’t be able to get insured. Like what? Make housing even more out of reach?

These policies simply aren’t that deep and their housing strategy is a huge gamble of thinking that new immigrants are capable of buying properties. Owning is ~50% more expensive than renting in the present. Reducing immigration only freezes the shortage; it doesn’t fix the shortage.