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Male Grooming Tips

This is a work in progress.

Face and Acne

Wash face with cleansing Gel two times a day, including once before sleep. After washing your face, dry it lightly and apply moisturizer. Do not wash or touch your face as your day goes unless it gets messy. Washing your face will irritate your skin.

For a midday shower, I’m not sure what the call is on whether to wash your face, wash your face with soap, or wash your face with cleansing gel.


Shampoo + Condition hair every other day. Let shampoo simmer in your hair for 2-5 minutes before rinsing it off as your hair won’t feel soft otherwise

Facial-Hair Shaving

  • A warm shower before shaving softens the hair follicles
  • If your hair is more than 1cm long, trim it with an electric trimmer before shaving
  • When shaving with a razor, do not press it against your skin because it will cause razor burns
  • First pass shaving should be downwards on your face, downward/sideways for chin and upwards for your neck & under your chin
  • At your second or third pass, try shaving against the grain (opposite of above). Do not press against your skin or force it. It is painful for some parts, but as long as you don’t press against your skin, you should be good.

Eye Brows